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?New Dungeon - Delano God's Palace
?Easily brought down at Mars Area Nax hate the Super Bug
?ZUG suits and Caprice, after 1.11
?BUG brush copy of the talk
?On the [ZG reward] combat!


// WOW DK :

New Dungeon - Delano God's Palace

Open 70 to 5 people will open up more copies of ,61-69 are five-member team a copy of a copy. However, these copies will lead players through a series of tasks to copy 70 of the team - Delano God's palace. The copy is located outside the domain, where we will face a strong presence not imagine, of course, is also a huge return.

Here's the job of T4 drop suit, T4 set will include 14, T3 more than 1 ring, 2 jewelry, a necklace, a cloak.

Take D, T4 of view, it has 500 + 500 + of the mental endurance of the spirit of the 200 + 1000 + therapeutic effect, and set attributes 5

3 - make your Rejuvenation extend the duration of 24 seconds, the effect increased to 120%, and your healing spells is reduced to 90% of the threat
6 - Make your Rejuvenation duration extended to 36 seconds, the effect increased to 140%, and the threat of your healing spells is reduced to 70% of the value of
9 - make your Rejuvenation extend the duration to 60 seconds, the effect increased to 180%, and the threat of your healing spells is reduced to 50%
12 - Your Rejuvenation to the duration to 108 seconds, and effect increased to 240%, and the threat of your healing spells is reduced to 30% of the value of
14 - Your Rejuvenation to the duration to 168 seconds, and effect increased to 360%, and the threat of your healing spells is reduced to 10% of the value of

New underground city is divided into five areas.

First, we face a brush areas, brush areas, a total of 4 BOSS, there are 22, including the Governor and the Marshal of high simultaneous, simultaneous military governor and marshal. BOSS is weak, unwilling to move. But the two pairs of BOSS from the one called "Eye of the brush," the monster LINKED, you and your partner will hear a monster in the brush area shouting "Look ah! Here are savages!!" Then you will find a lot of monsters including BOSS have come to you ... ... the only solution is seconds away, "brush the eye", although it has 30,000 + of HP ... ...

The next priority area.

BOSS many priority areas, due to the brush area just after the trade union pioneers, not able to give to much information. ... ... But the official website writes, priority areas of BOSS will also shouted, shouted the content probably is "fast hit me, I took to improve DPS ... ...", "volatility is me, my short, SSF is my, wow ha ha, what is mine. I took to improve DPS ... ... I was to the team to raid the Motherland ... ... "... ...

When such a call when the BOSS, will the care, he was going to skills, his skill is that all the channels in your propaganda (in fact Shuaping): "You were dead Ninja, Ganqiang my XXXX ... ... ~!#·¥# ... ... ¥% -% ... ... * ... ... -* "At this point all of your channels forced open, TS, UT all the dropped calls, then the command confusion, and then ... ...

(The above are 1 - 9 BOSS)

The following are hair will zone.

Mao will be areas on the 1st, a leader of a SS

Is propaganda, then the death spiral of an individual (their fear of causing damage to 7000 + 15 minutes, no solution) propaganda content: "AL is supposed to be fighters, you see how hard BOSS MT pull, you people still struggle against What ah! not see I give that? "

II, a Z

And at the same skill but not the same as (15 stars Eviscerate, 1 damage on the target, slow in the coming days, caused a damage of 15,000 points, not offline. So the trade union pioneers of this BOSS attention, if point Card no more than three days, do not try. BOSS skills that are frequent.) propaganda is: "FS is supposed to be short, you see more than BOSS FS playing hard, you also struggle against what these people ah! not see I have to the What? "

On the 3rd, a leader of a president & RL

"I was wrong, you have to hear it, I RL ... ..."
"Button DKP, buckle DKP ... ..."
"Decomposition does not give you ... ..."
"As soon as the treatment took DPS equipment restless, and wanted in raid inside out, but forgot to treat MT, many groups took place under such destruction ... ..."

Next to this area relatively much. CCCCCCCCC Region (9C area)

On a BOSS.

BOSS skills: 1,100% - 84% and 1% will be dropped for every one.

2,84% - 1% and 5% each will launch a savage roar 9C of the card, all players on the server caused 2000 + damage (burst J 20,000 +), so if it is not quite sure, do not land reclamation The BOSS, to avoid being a server other players Masi.

3, the last 1%, 9C will be shouting, "Let us die now!" And then the server DOWN.

The last area on a BOSS


HP 10000000
MP 100000000
Blood fighting back 10000HPps
Fighting back demons 100000MPps
No skills.
Pure physical attacks, DPS is about 1
Armor and a variety of high resistance, in fact, whether physical or law, every 10 to reduce 1 point under attack blood.

Wear it

Proposed a single brush. Time of death will be screaming: "You play the game, points card brought." Falling objects (only write mythology class)

Mess blizzard hands
Binds when picked up
Single-hand dagger
1-1 1.0
Level 70
Equip: you can not equip any other items.
Equip: you immune to any attack.
Equipment: knife skills to improve your 1000.
"With it, you can single out any one person BOSS, though slow points"

?End = New Dungeon - Delano God's Palace

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Easily brought down at Mars Area Nax hate the Super Bug

Yesterday we just had this boss, is entirely coincidental factors, we found some things we can not determine whether it is first discovered, had been hesitating whether to publish the tactics, because when you read my written below content, hate on the 1st, the all areas, the most difficult door boss, the farm will be the object of all trade unions, will be far the most simple, the equipment was a boss, however, had by this means boss, the not our original intention, I think it should be a blz set the huge bug, probably soon will immediately be hotfix, but in the end we decided it made public!

Tactical principles are as follows:
First, you need to have a full rage of the soldiers and a top boss of the mt, then, let the angry soldiers 8, casually looking for someone to fight, so that the effect of 8 appeared angry, and keep living, yes, the effect of, 100 % parry the next attack, so that 8 soldiers who bring the wrath buff, then pull into the copy, start and ordinary, like a good angry 8 fighter station, and then go bow mt cited boss, then the speed went to anger around 8 soldiers Stand, then, you will surprised to find, ward off angry eight soldiers started all the hatred against boss, boss would be crazy to fight this outrage with hs 8 soldiers, but all the hs will be helpless, and the rest on the simple , normal attack, mt or eat, but as long as 5-6 months to bring professional, you can fully ensure the safety of mt, ie, a team, you just have a mt ,5-6 after treatment to an angry 8 soldiers, the rest can be any group of dps, in the face of this team, I would like 7-minute time limit on any trade unions will not be a barrier.

8 effects anger why the boss will have this effect, we speculated that not, our feeling that this is blz hs the skills set of the problems though is the physical damage caused, but do not knock down the angry 8 effects, but also angry 8 effects on hs do have effect, appeared in such a strange situation.

Accurate, this is hardly a tactic, but we found a bug, of blood smoke has been no use of any bug to push any of the boss, yesterday we found this bug after the accident, our curiosity verify the existence of this bug, and easily pushed this so many of the Mars Society are prohibitive, and decided to announce our way, when blz, the official is clearly the way of game design flaws, we will not go use such a way, but I think the information we provide, many will struggle with one of the Association is a great opportunity! Will be a lot of wow fans to talk about at dinner, but we found the fun in, not just tear down the boss was.

?End = Easily brought down at Mars Area Nax hate the Super Bug

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ZUG suits and Caprice, after 1.11


7 anti-sperm effects 22 10 Chile 10 11 Chile 11 --- 9-resistant effect of 24 fine
10 anti-sperm --- 10 12 21 Chile 21 Chile 12-resistant effects of 15 fine
15-resistant effects of 33 24 Chile 23 fine --- 15 24 Chile 23-resistant effects of 33 fine


Chile 10 7 6 laiwhole resistance effect 14 AP22 - 10 10 Chi-resistant remote AP34 5 Гл Back 4 Blue
Zhi Min 12 12 18 7 anti-sperm Olympic results 11 - 20 Min 12 Chi 12 9 sperm resistance to hit +1
22 Min 12 11 Chile Austria resistance effect 16 - 22 Min 15 16-resistant effects of 11 Chilean Austria


Resistance force 5 min 11 9 12 Chile - 12 Power 6 Min 12 11-resistant effects of 10 Chilean government
Resistance force 8 Min 13 13 9 Tomoharu effects 22 - 16 Power 10 Min 16 22-resistant effects of 12 Chilean government
19 Force 26 7 Spirit of intellectual resistance to a deadly 16 - 19 edge 26 16-resistant spirit of a fatal Chi 7


Chile 9 10 10 Seiji resistance effects 22 - 10 11 Chile 12-resistant effects of intensive treatment of 24
10 20 Chile 10 Seiji resistance results 24 - 12 20 Chile 12-resistant effects of intensive treatment of 26
11 24 Chile 15 Seiji resistance effects 22 - 11 24 Chile 15-resistant effects of intensive treatment of 22


Effect of anti-11 Chile 11 14 - 11 11 Chile 9-resistant effect of 14 fine
10 anti-intellectual effects of 21 12 - 13 21 Chile 10-resistant effects of 12 fine
23 anti 24 27 lethal effects Chile 1 - 23 of 27 lethal effect of anti-24 Chile 1


14 min 12 7 resistance force - 9 14 min 14 resistance force
20 min 12 hit resistance 1 - 12 of 12 resistant force hit a 20-min
19 resistance to lethal 2 44AP - 19 2 44AP-resistant deadly


12 11 Chile 13-resistant effects - 12 11 Chile 13-resistant effects of 4 Blue 5 seconds back
10 21 Chile 12-resistant effects - 10 21 Chile 12-resistant effects of 4 Blue 5 seconds back
19-resistant effects of 15 fatal Chi 34 1 - 19 15 Chile 34-resistant effects of a fatal one


16-resistant effects of 15 - 15 16 Chile 8-resistant effect
21 10 Chile 12-resistant effects - 23 19 Chile 12-resistant effects
27-resistant effects of 35 hits 1 - 35 of 27 results hit an anti-


11 Min 11 12 force resistance - 13 resistance force of 13 min 13
Resistance to lethal force 10 18 1 - 25 of 10 resistance to lethal force 1
15 Min 24 23 Power-resistant defense skill 4 - 23 Power 15 4 min 24 defense skill-resistant

Ўѕ3 sets and the corresponding parts T0.5 T1 comparedЎї

8 sets of properties and property has been very attractive package, but one from three for the capacity and cost-effective, ZUG more than a lot of meaning. Of course, some people may say no than. However, more people now prefer to wear equipment under the premise of mixing, where you may be in this post for more information.

First of all, that the difficulty of starting.

ZUG sets, props need prestige + task. Reverence usually more than 15 activities, props will be out every BOSS 1;

T0.5 sets, need complicated series of tasks and challenges handed over a number of gold coins are more difficult under the current equipment BOSS;

T1 sets, need to form a 40-person team to challenge a CD7-day RAID, of course, is the biggest factor in black hands.

The significance of this article. Which is not to say good equipment. Just want to give some small equipment under union note: not the number of 40 people under the premise of RAID, RAID 20, like the equipment to meet the needs of players, and the best dressed honors a state that is mixed set + part of the installation + ZUG T1, it is possible and strength to land reclamation BWL's. 20 FB's status has been gradually improving, thanks to his CD is short, less the number of requests. Activities can become a better FB, although good for some people, the General Assembly equipment. FB 20 people as much as 3 large.

However, the direct land reclamation for friends T0 ZUG after having the Hakkar DOWN to hoard power directly to challenge the more advanced RAID is not impossible, of course, I am not saying that MC should be eliminated. Just saying, MC while we should pay attention to ZUG.

This, in my view, has been slowly paving the way to the back of the RAID 20 in a small copy. BLZ set according to a copy of the current. In the near future:

5 10 senior FB of the introduction of small, his goal is to assist the late 40 FB, but the equipment will not be too far. BLZ also aware of the huge development of 40 FB imbalance will lead to employment, the player's fatigue.

SO, enjoy zug enjoy wow


Three effects: sustained effect of the wizard to increase the fire for 5 seconds 5 seconds back to four resistance blue 34 56 72 Chile 46 fine treatment
3 results +8 All Resistances 28 power 41 wisdom 22 Min 32 27 Fine-resistant treatment 31 8 5 seconds back to blue
3 results: thorns wound injury arising resistance reflex increase 446 17 60 Chile 39 fine fire resistant treatment 31 7 5 seconds back to blue

Druid of the three sets of equipment, it is clear there is a distinction set. Z sets and the T1, but share common characteristics, in order to RAID assistance, Gao high-precision and high treatment effect, of course, more anti-T1 as a support. However, many friends in the wasteland not need to use the fire temple in the resistance, of course, has been added T2 natural resistance. T2, and many of my friends would wear to the temple. But can say yes. Z sets can be used as 2 sets of equipment with. RAID to meet the needs in the treatment of occupational DLY

Say T0.5 The significance of his equipment for more wild, perhaps a few wild package sets. And T0.5 of the four properties above more preferred support for the Wild. Hand, if you will not DLY Friends, ZUG DLY in the RAID set fully meet the needs in the treatment chain, if you will not be able MC, ZUG sets of treatment is also a very good support.


Three effects: AP +20 to reduce shock-resistant CD1 min 52 min 37 23 Chile 16 9 sperm Arcane effect of long-distance AP34 5 Гл Back 4 Blue hit +1
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 44 Min 41 25 Chi-resistant
Three effects: treatment of pets by 50% from 62 Min 41 20 Chi-resistant fire resistant 7 7 18 fine dark disobedience in fatal +1 +1

Hunter is the DPS in the RAID status of the main, so you can see the significance of ZUG sets T0.5 T1 output spared in the article. But you can see is the difference between Z sets and T1 is less resistance to 10 min 4 9 7, but the spirit and the double anti-intellectual, and some more back to the Blue 3. First glance, might feel a little ZUG sets of equipment is poor hunters.

But some can see the increase in total AP is 54. And there are back to blue, which is the better stability of the hunter's output, on the contrary T1 relatively mediocre in it for that. T1 is not to say bad ZUG, T1's eight potential is higher than the overall effect of ZUG sets, but to know, in a RAID 40 to get 8 of the time to decide whether a hunter who need to appear ZUG sets. ZUG course T0.5 set on less than a lot.


3 results: 5 seconds back surgery 4 Blue Light CD to reduce power 16 min 54 0.1 47 38 Chile 7 Jing-resistant treatment of 33 fatal +1
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 35 Power 38 37 Chile 12-resistant effects of 34 fine full 5 seconds back to blue fatal 4 +1
Three effects: to make your light generated by the trial probability of treatment capacity by 10% 31 52 49 Chile 32 precision-resistant fire resistant treatment 40 17 5 seconds back 4 Blue

Knight, representing the light of the occupation, in the ZUG set T0.5 T1 is obviously the smallest gap between the three, if you do not see them from this set, almost parallel. But look closely, ZUG sets of forces is the highest there is the extra 16 min, the Knights of SOLO is a good help. Perhaps it is this point, Knight for

ZUG is not enthusiastic set low. For the knight who, ZUG cover more of the balance, taking into account their need for SOLO and RAID. Become a multi-use equipment, rather than a single uniform.


3 Effect: +22 Mind Control treatment to reduce the cast time of 0.5 seconds 33-resistant treatment 55 72 Chile 39 fine
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 32 34 Chile 32-resistant effects of 33 fine full 5 seconds back 2 Blue
Three effects: the rapid treatment so that you reduce the cast time of 0.1 seconds 31 to 57 intellectual resistance to the fire resistance of 27 sperm 7 7 anti-dark treatment effect 18 20 All 6 Blue 5 seconds back

Pastor is the key, in my opinion, the pastor sets the most cost-effective ZUG, ZUG set of three of the treatment effect can reach 94, a bit surprising, although all treatment, make some friends in the dark flow well do not care about animal husbandry, But for RAID, his raise is nothing less than T1's. And continued high fighting spirit is also well supported. Perhaps the overall capacity of T1 predicted high above, but ZUG is fully capable of becoming a good assistant or a complement of spare parts.


3 Effect: +12 lowering effect of your Arcane Intellect and Arcane consumption of 5% of the 47 bright blue 56-resistant effects of 53 fatal Chile 1 39 fine
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 33 54 Chile 21-resistant effects of 26 to reduce the total fine goal against 20
Three effects: to make your all your damage spells by 25-resistant effects of sperm 17 77 Chile 27 7 dark anti-fire resistance by 25 6 5 seconds back to blue

Master set of ZUG T1 T0.5 fact great deal of diversity, ZUG effect of high stamina, FS eye opener for many. But the largest number of occupations, three packages positioning, the designer has thought of everything, T0.5 more reducing resistance. The T1 of the more significant of the high intelligence and high-back blue. Some people may worry that a. Optional equipment means more for players who may be in doubt. But more of RAID, the more vulnerable for the Master's Commoner, the high endurance is to keep a better control of support, MC, the need to curse FS solution, is to ensure that you are alive, ZUG need to control to control recurrent FS soldiers.

When the AOE in the FS more blood is that they can better fulfill its mandate of capital. So I recommend ZUG sets FS clothes. We will see in the OT forever Madman Master ZUG shoulders with the lost and the T1 warehouse.


Three effects: AP +20 CD blinding force reduction of 34 min 20 sec 21, 45, AP22-resistant fatal hit +1 +2
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 7 70 min 32 resistance force
Three effects: to reduce the cooling time of the disappearance of power 75 min 30 sec 13 47 10 fire resistance against 7 deadly secret disobedience in +1 +1

Set thieves and hunters a bit similar, ZUG prominent high-AP has a fatal hit, while T1 is a high sensitivity of the guarantee. The DZ is, T1 effect of the energy ceiling increase the attractiveness to higher than ZUG, but if you notice that ZUG5 sets of jewelry thieves and restore energy items, a professional thief may need to consider the . More often a good thief more often in the RAID in the limits of the doom OT withstand the output, while the duel in the wild when calculating the energy of yourself. See T1 ZUG sets, maybe you have your answer.


3 results: 5 seconds back 4 Blue Frost Shock duration by 1 second 41-resistant effects of 59 47 Chile 5 seconds back to blue fatal 1 8
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 22 power of 25 precision 38-resistant effects of 34 37 Chile 5 seconds blue back four fatal +1
Three effects: to make you well and target the totem of the effective radius of 10 yards to increase resistance to 65 Chile 39 17 31 Fine-wide fire resistant treatment effect of 40 4 6 5 seconds back to the Blue Law fatal +1

Shaman's three sets of comparison, many times we can see that the three parts of the equipment is. T1 ZUG differences are very obvious. A bias in the element. Another, more support for recovery. Therefore, the majority of the Shaman players, the whole of injury and treatment can give to them more choices. However, in the RAID, the better the effect of the earth can play the advantages of professional shaman. However, players can make up other parts of the equipment, can be taken through ZUG and T1 sets of mixed methods, to play their best FB role, and when you can PK in the field to themselves protected.


3 Effect: All injured 12 Corruption 73 2% damage resistance to enhance hit +1 55 27 Chi effects
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 88, 50 anti-intellectual effects of 32 fatal +1
Three effects: so that you get from life and the lives of channels increased by 10% the value of resistance 48 74 10 Chile 25 precision fire against the dark dark effect of anti 7 7 21 5 seconds back to the whole effect of 2 Red

Finally talking about warlocks, and as I play the longest career run. For this set of ZUG, it seems to me that three parts of the mediocre. Or T0.5 T1 of the three parts of the equipment is too good. T0.5 endurance a bit alarming. The T1 from this set to the advantage of suffering and evil play technique is more obvious, but this is only an appearance. Warlock sets of advantages for ZUG is 5 more Death Coil the effect of CD reduction. But the devil still has extremely good results. More patients prefer to wear honor mixing equipment or T1 T2.

However, there is no honor in the premise installed, ZUG sets can replace several parts. Before the Governor in the absence of high, ZUG is the single piece on the shoulders of the capacity is the most attractive. Perhaps he did not demon pieces so obvious, but he definitely more realistic than the devil. Of course, the inherent resistance can be compensated. Through the efforts of FM can make this a more perfect match.


3 effects 2% chance of breaking the block bile roar lower CD 28 min 15 sec 61 47 anti-lethal force defense skill +1 +4
3 Effect: +8 All Resistances 45, 27 min 52 resistance force defense skill +10 hit +1
3 Effect: Shield of the block by 30 points, 52 power of 17 fire-resistant anti-dodge, 66 parry +3% +1 defense skill +12

Warrior sets ZUG has just launched in time to have friends, T1 ZUG clothes and the clothes, an insignificant difference. Items that can bring more people to use parts of the superb strength and also the MT while very good job in RAID supplementary equipment.

ЎѕЎї The above

ZUG is the set of my views can take place more often blue-installed as your body good RAID added equipment, but you do not get him in before the can by ZUG RAID sets to satisfy your need.

ZUG ability to set the same time taking into account most of all needs of the profession SOLO. But little need to explain that, ZUG set the location of each job is not all the same. Some career is no shoulder. That there have been a problem. Each occupation is certainly a very good package, the soldiers of the T1 clothes, pants operation of T1, T1 Master shoes. That obtaining the most cost-effective equipment, the more reasonable one with a better way.

At the same time, small unions do not worry about not equipped to attract players of the visitors, do not worry there is not enough power to spearhead the new RAID, and perhaps always have days to not pass through ZUG and RAQ MC union can successfully go to BWL visit.

Small copies of the attention we need higher.

PhotoЎї ЎѕSuite

?End = ZUG suits and Caprice, after 1.11

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BUG brush copy of the talk

First of all, ready to set a strong storm JY team. Occupationally ZS.MS.FS.SS. + a casual ~. But the Warlock is certainly want!!! We killed the finished copy into a DK. Little about fishing. Recently popular 45 minutes to kill DK's play. little bold to under 40 minutes to get through the. Then, choose End Rivendell 3,4 a poor pig, then the blue room after the ... team standing DK We often stop bone pile heap (that is, the door on the left of the pile, standing here is not to attack players DK). captain last ~. In the long players after the four directly by ALT + F4 to leave game. told them to live about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to 3 minutes when another online. Then they threw the captain to strip out equipment to commit suicide --- the expense! then release the soul. captain ran and ran and the efforts ... If network delay is not high, the iron gate at the back door when approaching members have successfully left the game is down. this time a copy of Captain reset ~ `! OK ... DK then brush out. and then into the copy of the resurrection of captain. ready dressed. blood back to the next random. waiting teammates online. then let SS and pull myself over the past. BUFF + good. re-DK! Hey. seems you finally found. the original DK's [death charge the reins] from you is so near . but I only brush for 10 times. What good things are not lost. DK horse looks like it should even out the silver dawn worship to ride, do not know.

  However, 1 hour brush up on 5 DK. Because there is limited access to a copy. An hour brush up more than 5 times, then the system will prompt "Are you in a short time too much into the number of copies of" ah door .. .. If you pass through that layer copy of the screens again when you have 100% chance to be inexplicable door fell to his death ... ah

  There is a place to note. If there are any errors during the period, such as captain card is down .. or kill off groups of DK. Well, you brush the BUG DK will stop here. Disband it all their own . Also, the time off the assembly line team members to grasp. If the network card would not. team press ALT + F4 off the assembly line, the team leader when the soul has just released four players on the screen picture is from the game that gray head. But in fact they are not real people that the next Exit game, probably more than 40 seconds to cross only real downline. This can only be reset when the copy.

  This clock is actually BUG brush DK trip .. 7 minutes remaining after brushing 5 times a bad time to send ah ..

  I have a small idea that is not yet experimented with. That is, SS.ZS. and "casual" downline. MS and FS die out suicide. And then reset, and then into the FB, FS and MS at this time to back door of those 3 Xiaoguai clear the heap (which is very difficulty ah, like [Holy wizard oil], [Holy whetstone] ah the use of the use, do not blame them). and then, members of all on the line = Road, then it triggers when the 45 minutes open the door of DK task. this time the players theoretically take 45 minutes to kill DK that the quality of DEBUFF. and then pulled into the SS to MS.FS. this time it will theoretically DK Room appears that there are hostages of the cage. kill End DK.'ll get 45 minutes to award the 450 points DK reputation, and then + on the DK itself 50 points. have 500 reputation of the terrible ah ..... This approach should is do the same for!

  However, poor equipment I had, I was FS. Only +164 spell damage point .3000 blood, 7100 law. On and kill the three reactors Xiaoguai 1MS with no confidence in moves ...

?End = BUG brush copy of the talk

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On the [ZG reward] combat!

ZG 1.11 change is very significant, perhaps you have not noticed, first of all the purple suit the needs of cancellation of the gems of this gem of a change in the position of not so important, now just need to package and reputation can be set for some ZG. FM not in the complex, only two out BOSS FM materials, blood lords and Kim. I would like to either start from the blue-loaded T2 or T3, or have a friend on the ZG is not completely abandoned. BLZ will not give up a good copy of this is the reason.

ZG and the ruins of 20 such small copy of the movement are also great, with DKP too confusing. To this end, we decided to adopt the reward system, our system is not a perfect start, after over one month now basically complete passage, and here I share out to everyone. You Sha inappropriate, please Daren said.

The first is a G, we used a dark film, and DKP as a sub, RL reserve price is given first, and then we beat, the highest bidder.
Then the price of our prices are as follows: Please note that all from here, is the lowest.

Gem 4G
Blue fitted 15G
Blue Ring 20G
Blue weapons 25G
Purple Set 30G
FM sets 50G
Purple equipment 50G
Purple arms 80G
Haka heart 100G
Tiger 500G

People may say that is too cheap, it is not true, this is the reserve price, no limit, I operate in this month among the rich and prostitution will not give you a chance. Such as leopards out of that hand to shoot the snake husband is the 380G, we can think about to buy a property a good 400G level 60 equipment, in the AH very difficult to achieve. This is also the reason why the high bid. Therefore, the phenomenon does not occur low price.

Some equipment may be unwanted, it will decompose. Also left to the last shot, precious stones and also the last auction.

General Stone is packed auction, such as 5 or 10.

There is the fee-splitting, the final auction of the money we took from the RL, accounts. Split to 20. Take equipment are also considered. You can not deny the work of others. To go ahead, we usually around 11 7 group concluded that in 11 of us left before the return to leave early, not a penny player, only to each other every BOSS 1G for the job.

Generally not the best group of field teams, the Society's brother out what matter will be solved.

Reputation can be a month to worship. We are a full ZG can be assigned to each of about 80 ~ 150G, mainly to see the hand of a black hand or RL money hand. Oh, come to share, please bear with me, about these, where there may be missing, please point out. The first post inevitable.

?End = On the [ZG reward] combat!

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