тссс...don't say anything about my new name.

во всем виновата любовь, мать ее.

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катастрофически тебя не хватает мне (с)

обратный отсчет. осталось 21 дня.


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look back on yesterday,
the many solid minutes you have wasted,
trying to get by,
making excuse after excuse,
to fuck around,
sleep around,
deep inside do you notice a thing,
like how you abandoned yourself,
as if you were nothing important,
holding your heart out to friends,
who sold you out,
every time they had the chance,
the more you tell yourself something,
you believe it like its true,
plastic smiles,
fake friendships,
broken bonds,
was this all worth your soul,
seems your still jaded,
wake up and smell the bullshit,
nothings going to be the same,
it can be better,
rid yourself of bad vibes,
traditionalize loving yourself,
seeing how truly great you are,
how ridiculously ignorant,
your taste in company has been,
seems shadows of your furniture,
could make better conversation,
then the molded drug faces you talk to,
scolding myself for all the damage done to me,
the drama shall never rule my life again,
i have given up on trying,
when time shows lost things are hardly ever found,
just remember once you seen the liar,
call it out,
do not repeat your mistakes,
do not take on pity cases,
just simply smile,
disassociate yourself from low life scum,
that alone will ensure your ability,
to make it in life.

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во всем виновата любовь, мать ее.